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horseradish-rootsYou've Never Tried Horseradish Like This.

Welcome to Denis' Horseradish: A truly dedicated producer of some of the most uniquely flavourful horseradish in the world.

We currently offer 9 varieties to suit every taste. Want some classic-style horseradish? We've got you covered with original, hot and extra hot. Want something more dynamic? Our hot pepper and jalapeno flavours combine the sinus-heat of horseradish with the tongue-heat of your favourite peppers. Want to try something new? Our beet relish, hot mustard, and seafood sauce will open you up to entirely new ways of enjoying horseradish.

No matter what your tastes, we've got a perfect horseradish sauce to bring you tears of happiness.

Everybody Likes Us. Because Thereís Nobody Like Us.

Dennis' Horseradish is family owned; field-to-fork. In fact, we're the only horseradish producer of our kind in Canada. This means we control the whole process, making sure that only the finest roots end up on your plate, with no pesticides or harmful chemicals. We plant, grow, harvest, process, bottle and deliver each jar. Actually, the only thing we donít do is spoon it onto your plate. †This involvement †places extra pressure to produce the best horseradish we possibly can.

How many extra miles are there to go in the horseradish business? To find out, check out our About Us page.